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Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone is uncertain of endeavouring into the world of development! Let us try and reassure you that you are doing the right thing.

 01  When will I receive my joining Instructions?

Joining instructions for PPD courses are sent two weeks prior to the course start date, or immediately if the booking is confirmed within this time frame. For course bookings made via PPD but delivered by a third-party supplier, joining instructions are sent to attendees prior to the training course.




 02  When will I receive my pre-course work?

Pre-course work is sent directly to the attendee upon confirmation of the course booking. On the rare occasions where the pre-course work is posted to attendees (e.g. SIA courses), please provide a postal address at the point of booking.


 03 What do I need to bring with me to the course?

Once you are booked and confirmed on the course, Joining Instructions will be sent to you. The instructions will outline what you need to bring with you on the day.



 04  Are Apprenticeships available for existing staff?

An apprentice doesn’t have to be someone new – one of your current staff could be an ideal candidate for an Apprenticeship. This is a great way to up-skill and nurture the talent already under your roof.



 05  Why do a program online?

  • A course when you need it - not based on some Training Centre’s annual schedule

  • Powerful visual cues and experiential exercises that make learning better & faster

  • Always available - a course that is as close as a computer with an internet connection

  • Control the learning environment - you set your own pace and schedule

  • Allows flexibility – with no set class times, you decide when to complete your assignments and readings

  • A cheaper course than traditional college courses – with no housing, meal plans or travel expenses to worry about

  • No interruptions in your job/career if you are currently busy working/teaching

  • No need to take a leave of absence in order to go back to college

  • No need to go to the classroom course over a number of days

  • No need to worry about the teacher's absences or the effects of other learners (good or bad)

  • A controlled positive social atmosphere - no bullying or leg pulling (learners remain cautious of foul language or bad behaviour)

  • Highly recommended for people who already have some teaching/training experience

  • Saves you time, energy and money as well!!!

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