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Here at People People Development, we offer support to individuals and business alike, helping reach their planned and even unexpected goals. We deliver Nationally Accredited qualifications including, Taxi BTEC course, Taxi Driver Training NVQ and other Level 2/3/4 for organizations, groups and individuals. We can either travel to you at a time and place to suit or you can attend one of our regular, scheduled courses held in venues across the UK. We also offer supported distance/online training if that’s more appropriate to your circumstances.  We are flexible and will find a delivery option that suits the individuals circumstances and as for companies, fits in with the work commitments of staff so they can remain productive whilst developing!

Employers - Why we stand out!

We are YOUR personal training department

  • No more unhappy, under performing staff – increase employee engagement, attract the best talent, reduce staff turnover and improve their performance by creating a more diverse workforce

  • Less dissatisfied customers – put quality first. Improve staff productivity and quality of work

  • Is your company constantly changing? It is inevitable – keep staff up to date and don’t get left behind with changes in practice or legislation

  • Don’t need a qualification? – we design YOUR courses to improve performance

To not train your staff comes at a cost often much greater than the cost of training: create a better working environment and see your Return on Investment.

Learners - What we do for you!

Learners – We Support You Every Step Of The Way

  • We will help you to skyrocket your career with professional qualifications.

  • You get fully accredited qualifications – real currency for your career

  • Aim even higher and achieve Chartered Manger Status or a Chartered Quality Manager Status

  • We will help you succeed in your job. YOU get the promotion – not your colleague

  • Sign up today – get started today. Fully supported with expert personal tutors

Our distance learning qualifications mean you study at home, in your space and your time, with total support from People People Development.

Leadership Development


Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles .

  • Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company's strategy through building alignment,  mindshare and growing the capabilities of others.

  • We enable established role-holders and managers to find their natural authority, broaden horizons and develop skills for collaboration, dialogue and innovation

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